Wildwood Residents

We thank the Wildwood Community Association and its members for their ongoing support.

Registration for Wildwood residents for the 2019/20 season will be Wednesday January 23 at 7pm at the playschool. Doors will open at 6:30pm. You must bring:

  • Your completed registration package (pages 9-14 only)

  • A cheque for the registration fee ($50) + June 2020 deposit ($155 - 3yr program, $195 - 4yr program)

  • Proof of Wildwood address (driver's license, government-issued ID, utilities bill in your name, etc.)

The full Registration Package can be found below for detailed information on the Playschool's commitments, aims and expectations.

Wildwood Community Association Memberships are available for families in and out of the community. One is required for local sports and activities (soccer, skating) at the Community center and it is a fun way for your child to see their friends outside of class. WCA Memberships can be obtained or renewed online using the link to the right.