Our Teachers

The teachers at Wildwood Playschool have a great deal of experience in educating young children and have been committed to teaching for a number of years.  Mrs. Fraser has a Bachelor of Education degrees specifically focusing on Early Childhood.  She also attend regular conferences on preschool education. Both teachers are certified in Child Care First Aid.  Our teachers are passionate about what they do and strive to create a love of learning for all the children they work with. 

• Mrs. Christy Neil 3-Year-Old Program Teacher

Mrs. Neil has always been passionate about learning. She completed her Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Natural Science, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism. She taught at Westmount Charter School for several years, then made the decision to stay at home to take care of her 3 children. After enrolling her own children in Wildwood Playschool, serving as the Board President for two years, and also as the substitute teacher, she became the 3-Year-Old Program Teacher in 2015.

Mrs. Neil and her family can't get enough of the outdoors, and she loves to spend her spare time hiking, biking, camping, skiing, canoeing, and gardening. She's also keen on reading, baking, knitting and sewing, and is an animal lover who currently has 2 dogs, 2 fish and a hamster. She is continually coming up with new and creative ways to share her hobbies with her students, and loves thinking up activities to stimulate their naturally creative and curious instincts.

Preschool-age children are her favourite age to teach, and she especially loves their enthusiasm for dancing, singing and pretending. She feels most inspired watching the children's eyes light up after they've tried something for the very first time, or after doing something really cool all by themselves. She strong believer in the value of play, and never hesitates to get messy right along with the kids!

She absolutely loves her job, and takes pride in helping the children discover that learning is exciting and joyful, and in getting their educational journey off to a great start in a positive and nurturing environment. The Wildwood Playschool families are so fortunate to have Mrs. Neil!

• Mrs. Carolyn Fraser 4-Year-Old Program Teacher

Mrs. Fraser began her teaching journey when she completed her Bachelor of Education with a major in Early Childhood and Language Arts at the University of Calgary. She then taught kindergarten for 9 years with the Calgary Board of Education, before moving to Wildwood Playschool where she's now taught for 25 years!

Mrs. Fraser has lived in Wildwood for more than three decades and has always been actively involved in the community. Along with her husband and two adult daughters, she's also shared her home with bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, frogs, chameleons, and budgies (but not all at once!). Currently, she only has composting worms and stick-bugs to tend to, but her love for living things is always evident in her classroom.

In addition to anything brightly coloured, Carolyn loves cooking, baking, sewing, crafting and is always dreaming up new and exciting art ideas for the Playschool children; she's continually inspired by how creative they can be! She also loves to hike, snowshoe, walk, try out new exercise classes and always keeps her students active. Carolyn absolutely adores children's literature, and if the children would be happy sitting on the carpet the whole day, she would spend it reading stories!

When asked what's so special about pre-school aged children, she would say it's the love she receives back from them. She genuinely wants each and every student to know that they are important to her, and always takes the time to make a special connection with their families. She recognizes unique talents and learning styles, and wants to instill a life-long love of school in every child. Mrs. Fraser is truly a treasure for Wildwood Playschool and a credit to her profession.

Both teachers are certified in Child Care First Aid and CPR, and continually take advantage of professional development opportunities.